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assorted-color paintbrushes
assorted-color paintbrushes

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First of all

Who We Are

I started my journey as a creative, crafting engaging designs across graphics, illustration, and even animation. But my passion has always extended beyond visual aesthetics, yearning to bring those same innovative ideas to life in tangible spaces. Today, I bridge the gap between creative vision and renovation reality.

black sony camera on black surface
black sony camera on black surface
Not to mention

Our Creative Work

As a renovation design specialist, I combine my design eye with the expertise gained working alongside a leading general contractor. This unique blend allows me to:

  • Transform kitchens and baths: I collaborate closely with you to understand your desires and translate them into functional and beautiful spaces that reflect your unique style.

  • Manage your project seamlessly: From initial planning to final touches, I handle every aspect with meticulous attention to detail and clear communication, ensuring a stress-free experience.

  • Leverage exclusive access: My insider connections ensure you benefit from high-quality materials at competitive prices, maximizing your budget and project outcome.

And let's not forget

Our Services

Renovation Design Services:

  • Kitchen design

  • Bathroom design

  • Full-home renovation

  • Space planning and optimization:

  • Material selection and sourcing

  • Color consultations and 3D renderings

Creative Services:

  • Branding and identity design

  • Marketing materials

  • 3D modeling and animation

  • Custom illustration and graphic design

black professional video camera on floor near green grass
black professional video camera on floor near green grass

Our Story

From crayon symphonies to spreadsheets, life took me on a detour. But creativity, that persistent melody, led me back. Now, I'm a "Creative Renovator," transforming spaces with the same passion that once filled my childhood pages. Walls sing, budgets whisper possibilities, and clients co-write stories etched in tile and stone. This isn't just a job; it's a homecoming, where practicality dances with passion, and every project paints a dream into reality.

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